I could speak of devastation or how the occurrance of a natural disaster has brought out not only the worst of some of us,but the heros and saveguards of many of us.

No I choose to mention one thing.


I saw more evidence of how we can survive anything in the last 2 weeks since the epicentre than bad actions by a few minded people who are suffering.

I preffer to aplaude those who left behind the security of their homes and love ones to go and help them.

In facil of peril some of us will always raise to the challenge of being called human.And by their actions I today write to praise such ,to write of  such effort that is still saving lives after the recent  disaster.For as long has there is hope there is a change of finding another person alive and that is all that matters when all hope is dead it will be time to start building up a new city and infrastructures that will allow life to be sustain again in Port-Au-Prince.

Of the the children that are left without any relatives and are now in the U.S.A in the  fast track to be adopted.There is so much light in face of all the  darkness after the  quake,some shines more than others.

As I write another child is rescued alive from the rumbles of his house,his uncle is with at the hospital,he is talking and very much alive after 2 weeks underneath the remains of his house.

Such is the power of believe.

So,hope is not dead yet.

I pray that as many as we can help receive help in due time,lets us not rest or falter in our search and allows God ,to be there when the time comes to stop all rescue and help those who are saved to build a future forward,and allow us to morn the dead and pay them their due respect with all that is within us.

I pray to you Lord that has long as there is hope we are there to make it increase and we help other get out of dispair and again believe in good things.

I pray to You that yet again peace will find way in their hearts and see Grace in what has happen and yet again live life to its full potencial.

To you I pray God,that they survive and do better.








The End

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