Old ways versus I am sorry I was going to say new ways but I deslike the new ways,so it is old versus nothing really,sorry about that and the long title...:(


Here I am after 12 days of absence in a world that has had a few monumental changes in its surface inhabitants,less peoplenot so many  births ,of course I mean Haiti.

But really,is this world coming to a ludicrous place to just breath ?

Everywhere I look in the news they seem to grow in violence ands escalate into caos at a drop of a natural disaster.And disregard natural events,in some places in our blue planet there isn`t even that excuse for some appaling behaviour by our fellow men.

We desecnt into primal actions when faced with extintion,which in itself isn`t a bad skill to have it may even safe you from perishing,but as a whole we should raise above what surronds us in the moment and just look into the future and see if we are content with our behaviour.

I am sorry to say that if by standart present actions today we all should be very ashamed indeed !!!

But we humans have a selected memory it seems norm this days,to very nicely forget what we dislike to remenber,particulary if makes us look bad in any way...

And so we move on.

The news make me want to see more chick flicks all the time,i need some pink in my life even to just numb my senses,where all that can go wrong doesn`t just because the writer choose not to pencil it in that way.

I need romance in my life at least in literal terms,do`t get on your high horses in real life I have no inclination for romance, I would grow bored of such nonsense.

I would,I preffer reality and just talk to me in real terms and don`t sugar coat anything to me expecting to change the way I will react to what you have or will say or act in the near by future,tell me the truth at all times or get out of my presence,I have no time for fools.

 Really don`t.Blame it on my old age of 33...

Well not that old age,but sometimes I feel like Moses.

Well again slight gap for creative writing,for Moses was way old! Like centuries old!!!

I miss old ways of living when noble actions where to be expected and not hoped for.Where being a gentleman was something to aspire to and not roll your eyes at.

I miss men being men and acting on behalf of fellow men without looking out to promote themselfs but simply because that is what defines  man.










The End

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