Hail to the Chief

Here is one chapter for Nick B alone,not only for his eyes obviously people wake up,everyone capable of reading can do it !

I meant this will be one chapter dedicate to what I have seen from this site from all that have added to by writting and accomplishing something has great as a community that helps you grow to the fact that some of the writers who come here do so with a hiden agenda that the  "Chief " and his moderators will soon guide in with the rest of us or very quindly show the door out.

For one thing I can say about this man,and I should know what I am writing about he is fair in his decisions and he gives you all the time necessary to clean up your act for whatever reason you may have misbehaved,unless you are here with the solo purpose to cause trouble this is an great example of what a creative site should be and with the introduction of all the new (most need features),we can trully say that while there is time/imagination/resources /talent(and he  has plently!!)/and above all willingness this site shall rule,for you kind sir do rule.

So this is my very public display of any doubt that may or not may exist in your mind of what some of us think of the "other"comment left that you choose to display on the blog,well I can`t really speak for the rest of us,but where I am concern this site has simply grown fast and wide catering to a society that is both young and old,wise and not so wise,there is room here for all of us and you have found a very nice niche in the world of internet that makes me feel right at home,so if I have never had the change to say before let me correct that now.

Thank you

That is all,oh. All the best for 2010.Now that is all.




The End

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