New year ahead

I keep hearing this silly song in my head,that has kept in tempo to me headache,and quite a headache it is at a song of the eighties of all the stupid thing to recall from last year,this I could do without !!!

Hail to painkillers and bedrest !!!

Resolutions and what not,honestly I don`t bother with New Year resolutions not for lack of purpose but it will not be by wish alone I will accomplish all I need for 2010.

On commitment and perseverence I relly and God as well and the love of those who care for me and my capacity to accept the things I can not change.

Wisdom is by far the best thing I have received in my life,to know the difference from what I really require in my life to what I can do without,it didn`t realy took me that long but the courage to walk away from something taht was so familiar as myself that was hard indeed,teh unknown always is,but with change comes growth.

I like my life right now,I would like it better if I was already doing the  course I want,but it isn`t possible right now so patience is something I still need to conquer...

Oh,well !!! It could be must worst...

I could be dead.


The End

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