Merry Christmas every one and to all a Happy New Year !!!


Well it is that time of the year again where good will towards men makes its way and we try and overcome this mean strike that has been part of the current recession months.

You may think that I may not far off from the truth or desagree with my version of the facts but the present state of living around the globe is barely above poverty in most countries.

And lets not forget war and famine and global warming.

Merry Christmas every one, and a Happy New Year .

Try and give those around you a real smile on a daily basis.

Be Happy in what you do has  a job,for real ,no faking emotions of pleasing a boss or any of that ****,you will live only one life make it count ,and breath people  just breath.

And allow life to bring you the colours and smell that  makes it worth living,the laughter  of  children,the embrance of a love ones,and xmas card of the Catman !!

Can  I be very honest ?

Ok,I have one person in my life right now that makes it worth so much.

And he is always there even when I dont ask him to be.

Thank you for not giving up on me,bless Mica and Lucas for me.

Until next year,let us all do you proud.

Stay blessed every one.

Kiss from Cass

The End

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