Men and their lies


Men lie to themselfs and the ones around them to justify what has no pardon.Men lie to use an excuse as a reason to a mean.Men lie because to tell the truth would be to trust someone they may not really know.Men just plaintly lie because they can...

The truth is no man will ever be an island,so they roam together and in a pack they hunt for new trills ,new people,new toys to play with,some of those toys come in shape of women or cars or games,others are more nefast and involve drugs and alchool and other things better not written here or anywhere...

I meet men like that daily and they talk to me all night long if that have to,it is as if I alone can understand them and try and allow some light to shine their way.

Me of all people !

Someone who couldnt care less for the desmise of man.Note I mean man,not mankind here ok ???

Or their piers,but I am unable to turn my back on pain,that would be beneath who I am.

So,i stay and I listen.

Yesterday was one of those days.

Man are drawn to me,sexually and otherwise and they share part of them they are unaware they even had in their souls,I make them face who they are and most times it is not pleasant,to see one self trought a mirror that shows reality instead of what you allow the world to see.

So,yet again I am me.

Mean and their lies..

Do they realise the hurt they cause ?

No,and they dont even care.

I do

I really do ....


The End

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