I  am aware of my senses.I can feel the cold breeze on my skin where yesterday I felt nothing.

You may ask yourselfs what happen from yesterday.

Well I have become part of a couple that involves caring for someone,is name is Rana.

And I can say that he is a nice place I rest me body.

I have not dated or have any sexual intercourse for the last 2 years,no dry spell by the way,just choice but two weeks since I have been seeing Rana for a year now ,i said to myself   "Wat are you waiting for or better yer for who ?",so I called Rana and said one sentence."Buy condoms,you will need them".

It took him less than 10 minutes to get to my house.

I am rather  good or just available ? Lol

Both,after all he is only a man...

And I am now part of a two again.

Who has the time ?????

I guess for sex you make the time,at least I do.

Until Friday....



The End

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