War and Peace talks and of other things as well

War on Afghanistan

You know what; when people only think about the money it will cost them and how much they will miss the people who will perish and disreguard of the possible outcome if we choose to turn our backs when asked for help,we are ultimely simple being mean.

That is the work I can only reason with,we are mean.

We only think of what we are loosing in our immediate  lifes either from loss of loved ones or the lost of future income from the same people.

But regardless of this fact ,what about this one ?

What about leaving the countries where we are now intervining by military occupation or talks between countries that would not reach peace otherwise if we had not become involved in the first place.

How can we do nothing when faced with injustice,famine and opression ?

When have we stopped and think first of what we are about to loose and not of what we can accomplish ?

I don`t believe in war,but I accept that without killing a few bad apples we are unable to reach peace,it is a very fine balence and I am sure that together we can and will make a diference not only with Afghanistan but with all the problems political and environmental that affects our society.

Do you realise that getting different cultures to sit down and agree on something and act on actions agreed by all is the most difficult task at hand these days.

we are unable to comunicate with one another and it is not  barrier of language or age or life experience or gender or religion,it is something far more simple to isolate.

Hatred leads to isolation wich leads to separation of one and  other and eventually we will stop talking to one and another and after that well ....War,death,misery,devastation and simply loss.

In the end we have to counter what we loose to what we have to gain.

In the end we may just have to pay the ultime price,most of us will say they are not ready to accept it,let me teell you an uggly truth you already part of this complicated situation because you life here ,today in this society,so when you are part of one you will eventually need to choose.

Sorry but that is part of the price as well.

Society emplies living together in a comunity that looks out for better outcome for all of us.


The End

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