The end of a long road...

A story untold of bravery and strenght...

Of how the human spirit can really overcome the  most appealing of beginings and above every circumstance still be kind in actions.

Today I heard such a story and yet I am not the one to tell you such a tell no I shall leave you a link to one TV show and maybe when you find the time you can look it up and marvel at the fact that sometimes we really uplift the human condition to another leavel all together !!!

Link is CBS Reality,beyond change,any of the stories told will warm your heart.

You know what ,This entire week I have heard ,seen and listen to the best of alll of us.And did I mention that I spoke to my sons on Msn and I saw them on camera ?

No,that was the best of my week so far !!!

And a few other things that happen at work ,but that is another story all together .

I have stoped writing her so much not for lack of things to say I still do ,but I find myself doing more and more for others that surrond my life and it is so much more fullfiling than being siting here and writing even when it is not fiction,so why should I ?

But today I am here after a few shows I have seen and after a day of work and I look back  a year later on Protag and I am content with what I have accomplisjh so far.

In fact I can say this may even be a turning point.

Carla Freitas



The End

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