Newton`s apple and some numbers

Accidents happen,right ?

I mean you can prevent some,other are just a natural steps of events that once started nothing will stop from fulfilling its course.

A little bit like destiny,I guess.

But the idea behind this word accident was because I was looking at my home and remenbering something from a not so distant past.

How can one prevent life shatering events that will  take years if not a lifetime to heal ?

If you could, would you invent a time machine and change events in history for the better of mankind,fully knowing that there may be hell to pay for such actions ?

How much is too much ?

What are we willing to sacrifice in order to live a better outcome ?

Do we all ultimely have our own price ?

Maybe,mine is my sons.I think short of loosing my soul there is very little(excluding staying within the borders of the law abiding rules),that I wouldn`t do for them.

But I know that is true for every father or mother on this earth.Our children welfare is the most important and precious thing we gather close to our hearts.

Besides if we could prevent many of the so called life changing moments we would be erasing who we are today,and that may not be necessarily a good thing.Think 2001,so many bad things come out of one date,I don`t need to type in the date for sure,but it united a whole world in persute of one man.

And so much more than that,security came to be a word not known in the western world any more,our eyes become more in tune of what happens in the East affects us all.

And look at the political map of the world today,look at the effort that every country is puting into solving a problem so complex as global warming ?

So,maybe altering past events may turn out to be more nefast to us than accidents that shaped cultures and way of reasonning.

Sad,but true.

Though I have to say that in my viewing 2001,was the results of actions not of only hatred towards the west,but the need of so many to make us see what they are force to live every day of their lifes,saddly we now are very much aware of such reality for watching news is one thing,knowing that a relative of yours is actually fighting in a war in a country he knows very little or nothing of their culture and are only fighting because their country requested of them is something else all together different.

I come to realise through past live accidents that our own actions cause them.

Newton would be so proud of the fact all his theory`s where actually correct.


The End

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