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Here is a random thought.


Cease of existence or a new begining ?

I am almost sure it is both,but the begining part has yet to confirm,since I have no plan to commit suicide I shall have to wait for an answer,patience is not a virtue I possess!

What would be like to have a chat with God ?

Apart from an out of this world experience where you could ask any question to the source of all information,I am in excuse of coming with a very normal and quite often put towards the world.

Why ?

It is not for us to question why,simply to abide by it and with time it shall be explain to us the reason of why.

Again I remind you how much I lack in this virtue of waiting for something good or bad to come to pass.

But in the matters of God,I see myself developing a quality that was foreign to me and with it comes another ,wisdom to accept things I can not change and knowledge to know which I can.

It is also could be old age.

Experience of life,and so many others names.I simply call it for what I see.

Patience is now  a virtue I can apply to my inner path of finding who I will become.

In a walk I rarely stop to see the views I must accept that sometimes I will go where I rarely seek refuge and others times I am require to offer refuge.

In a world surrond by so many of us I sometimes look in wonder of how little violence there really is amongst the whole human world.

Think in numbers wise.7 billion people !!!

And maybe you will agree with me,on the other hand you may not.




The End

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