Health Bill

In a normal day how much do  you accomplish ?

And how much of that is for the better of humankind ?

That little ?

Many thanks today to all of Obama administration for the passing of the health bill throught last night,and now it reamins only one place to go.

How much does it take to have faith ?

Very little,how much are we willing to do for the better of our fellow human beings ?

It seems that for Mr.Obama short of his last breath he will do everything within his power to make life for every american person living within United States and abroad all that he can do  and so much more.

What an example,to never falter even when there is little hope of winning.What a man!

What a president,it was about time that the leaders of democracy in this leading century had at the wheel of comand a man of inteligence as well as capacity to fight for the right batles.

Yes,it was about time.

For the United States of America as well as for the world.

A beacon of hope shines as strong as we allowed it,so Mr.Obama from my lips to our ears :" May God guide your every step and let His strenght be your strenght,and for your people may you do all that needs doing as for the rest of humankind may you lead them by example of what a leader should be."

That is all.

The End

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