Youth and reading.


Am I so unconnected to the world today I only see and listen to rubish on the small screen ?

Were is all the important things that we should be focusing our attention on ?

How come the young kids I speak to daily barely read unless they have to where school is concern ?

When was reading books updated and classified as boring ?

Is our attention span so tiny in lacking of time and importance that worlds created at the imagination of a writer are sudenly out of thouch with youth ?

Or are they just too stupid to appreciated a form of entertainment that will provide them with tools that are very in demand in the future work place.

I imagine they are a lot of things but above ,they are simply young and very unexperience in what really is going to shape their lives in a positive way.

Saddly as well they need guidance from wise people,and we are lacking in those as well.

I forgot to mention that I started to preside over a youth group at church.

Yeah ! I am...

God, have pitty on them because I will be hard on them all.


The End

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