In a book I write in page after page the situation that inflicts pain on children is the one that affects me the most.

Malnutrion is a problem that shouldn`t affect us a society in the 21 st century but saddly every 60 seconds a childs in our world dies  because of its cause.

Can we not provide ways to feed them ?

Or the willingness to reach out and over in  ways  which together we find solutions that work for the countries were their youngs ones and sometimes and entire generation is at danger ?

Are we that selfish ?

Are we without heart ?

Or are we in a place in our lives that we preffer to put ourselfs and our families first ?

Either way we need to fix this.it was never acceptable in the past where poverty was a problem,but today where we have create means for the net to reach reagions in the world that were in the past isolated how can we not solve a problem as easy as hunger ?

Come on people do more.Let us all do more.

The End

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