Rain drops in...

There is a waterpool outside the window facing the street I am  in and the horns of impatient people  already later workers in a sunday morning on the first day of november is my wake up call to a new day.

Welcome to the English weather where if you are not a fish you soon will wish you would be! Rain ,rain and more rain....

I do miss the smell of salt when the waves  kiss the pedlles.There is no seaside near  me and when I went to the nearest one ,the sea water was so dirty I wouldn`t consider going anywhere near.Pitty !

 My life has always been linked with water,one way or another I am a creature of conforts and for me sheer bliss also comes in form of either swimming or just sinking in warm water in the end of a tiring day.

There are marks in the path that I have choosen that are read only by those who speak the language,and the first word is for remenbrance of where you soul rests.Home is a  vast piece of land in the not yet middle not near African coast ,where someone once expressed feelings like " A little piece of heaven ",but that was home and here in Britain soil I have found that to keep my natural routes alive the rain must keep on falling and I acctually love the cold weather so it is with some joy in my heart I now add a another few words in the path to show appraisal to my new home.It goes like this.

" Num lugar de chuva e frio resta sempre a capacidade de sorrir uma vez mais." Or  for you who don`t speak the language it goes like this " In a place where it rains a lot and cold is constant rests the capacity to yet again smile.."

Words left writen in a path I walk in.


The End

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