Walls and their purpose


Life and breathing in.I read a lot these days when on route to work,and on the way back.I mainly pay attention to what is around me when I am requested an interaction with strangers,but in all I am isolated by this wall I have put between me and the world.

Not to keep them out,but me in.

I face so much of different people at work on a daily base in 7 out of 7 in a weekly basis and after a while,I need to recharge my batteries and I seek silence hence the wall.

I make myself not care but it is hard when you see so much of what people try and hide behind a smile of bravery to the outside world.We  carry with us so many masks in our daily activities from correct comments who are politically correct to actions we trully do not believe in,but we carry on with a non realistic smile and a few more ideas that will never be heard unless one like me,stops and asks some unconvienient questions.

I have realised that most of us spend all our lives surronded by people who will not talk to them,really talk.

About anything,nothing just let them talk.

We are human beings and trough communication we establish links of society and from there we grow as a community and as a hole

So,I talk but most of all I listen to stories of lost and gain love ,of children who are in foreign countries fighting a war they have no place in,of dreams of uni and making a family and of when the baby is due,of how this little girl is becoming a woman and so on.

I listen to the steps of humans when they go about their business and when they lower their own walls and what makes them human surface and for a blink of a second I see something there and it is too that I react and my own  wall is no longer need it.

The End

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