The face that shows in the mirror ...

My hair is almost in the middle of my back,this curtain of dark chocolate that vails my face and hides the colour of my eyes,that are in constant surge of more.But more of what ?

As a woman I shake my hair backwards without the aim of my hands and there is this movement of being female that takes precedent over anything that is a  tought.

As any of you women notice the amount of gestures we do daily just because we go in auto pilot and don`t even think about it ? No ?

Only because we start from an early age to think and act in certain paterns that are more appropriate to women,from the way  we seat to what we wear to how we think and which profession to choose.Yes,there is this "What is acceptable ",view in society that is less and less in current present time depending in which country you are born into.

But with politics changing with time and free thinking brought out into the open by global communication,we women are given more and more options,and I think that with that we also lost something that belongs only to women.

The capacity to appear strong in all her fragility,for in strenght,women and man will never equal nor they should be.

I see myself  in the mirror more these days as i groom my hair and the brush fades away the tired muscles and i let all the tension of the day wash over the way my hand guides the brush,I see the face that stares at me and she is above all femenine,fragil,small,strong,powerfull and she is also something else she is a warrior of lost causes I call " Believing in humankind",I see I have gain so much and lost very little.

But my hair remains the same ...



The End

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