Winter and a cup of more of that please ??

Baby steps in a route filled with alternate passages that most times have no signs to let you know when to turn. A book unread calls out to me in silent pleas of "make time for me,please !!",but left unheard by the sheer demand of ectic life in the 21 century, I sigh and continue to type.

There is the fact the new full moon is in the sky and we can see the sky for miles to end and the brisk air that circulates in the night seems more fresh than in any other night.

Small pleasures that I see when I pay attention and take a second or two to just take in the roses.

Not many of those these days,but when it happens it makes me intake this most need breath of fresh stimulation and I see the world trough a refresh spirited mind that required some "me" time !

Can you believe Christmas is almost here ?

Not really !

But I can almost smell the cold winter around the roundbound and it talsk of snow and angle sin the park and giggles of children and mothers screaming "Get out of the floor,you will get a cold !".

Yes! I barely can see christmas but I can almost smell winter,I love the cold.There is silence and peace in the cold that awaits for me.Soon the air will be filled with stories and laughter ...

And as I sit down reaching for my hot cup of tea,the lingering lavender incense lets me turn the page and further sink into the chair and I start to read once more.

Winter is here,my eyes smile once more...

The End

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