What of a name by non other,should I name the ?

There is is this picture in the background as I write "The way we were" .

Choise is something one misses when one relinguish the fact one can choose.

This song by Barbra " Memories"...

And I am linked in one space in time where life was less simple but had more flavour in spices and Isra.Where the water falling in my face was licked away by a mouth I knew as well as my own.Where talking into the nigh was norm and not an accident,where waking up sheltered in the arms of love was bliss !

But that is all in the past.

And sometimes the past is better left in places we seek no refuge.And sometimes it is a smell and a window of opportunity  to remember the way I was when I was with you.

Today is simply another day into the future of past choises where mistakes and words outspoken cannot be removed,and life takes its tool.

But there is one thing left to say about choices we all make them and by them we stand,wright or wrong we stand by our choises,in the end it defines who we are.







The End

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