Laughting out loud as i write this words in.

I am now a 4.23 ... Really ???

Lol ,that good ? !!!

For someone who speaks Portuguese as a first and formore important language (to myself at least),I see that  a rating is far so unimportant these days that I have stopped rating my work for a long time,the laughter is because apparently there is a small amount of the is it 10.000 of us ?, that think I actually qualify  to be an avarage of 4.23 !

Is that not a matter for laughter I say ??

Yes, Oh God,yes....

It really is.

In a world that surronds itself by death and war and natural disasters and famine and disease it is good to see that 10.000 people are really giving this rating thing a choise of importance.

I really can`t stop laughing,so sorry !!


 P.S : Small correction it is 9.381 of us. Still laughing... :)

The End

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