Beauty and why is it so important today and at any time in our lives since we achieve puberty ! :)

In the subject of natural selection of beauty,let me tell you where I stand in the front of this mirror debate.

On the side where the makeup kit is not present and the book is turned on the side page and my name is called out more than once because i pay no attention to who needs my attention.

" Beauty is as beauty goes."

Meaning ?

Well,lets see.

In one question i state only this,ask me how many tines have i actually engaged in ineraction with male species wearing painting in my body,face or otherwise ?

Answer. One !


Why ? You may inquire in doubt at such a low number,due to the impact my face and body had when in all as a final product in display to male appreciation.

I have found that in life we appear attractive to the oposite sex independent of natural beauty.

You may think it is a lie i intend to pass a truth but hear this,male species sees uggly woman as availabel to mate as an attractive one,the fact is that with the first he puts less effort of himself into the chase.

Honestly it is not a lie a less attractive female will have the same attention when surronded by their males piers than an attractive one and in some cases more because of the same reason.

Males are in most cases too lazy to persue what they see as a hopless case considering their own beauty into the process.

Now for just a laugh,i am thinking of the number of male attraction i gather trough my looks alone.

Quite high,and then i factor in the ones i get because of my mouth,even higher and then i factor the most important factor of all,my sexual availability with the oposite sex,now here the numbers are just too high to factor in, males are just too easy; they just want to get laid.

So as i said before:" beauty is as beauty goes."

Funny enough i am actually quite pretty,not that is important,lol...

Males,what a waste of my time.

Give me a book any night.

The End

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