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In a world united by change and one only undeniable truth,that we all as humankind need to rethink our action where our planet survival stands in face  of our  own death,we have yet to decide on really important environmental laws.

Laws that will shape the economy of existing third world countries and our own in face of recession and the struggel between growth and ambition,between survival of humankind as a race or  its own destruction.

We  are  aware of the changes that we have  already implement in our fragil planet,we  see  the devastating natural disasters that are currently affecting Indonesia and the surronding islands,from earthquakes to hurricans to typhons,we all see the signs of a growing change in our natural weather all year around,but the change on water fall and the fact that the crops in some areas in our blue planet are being affect from season to season is becoming more and more frightening.

Scientists can measure the amount of Co2 we emit into the atmosphere but to actually intoduce all the factors into what this increase will do into next year weather  and the follwing is basically creating an image of caos that no one is really prepare to face.

We are aware that the droughts in some African countries will be more severe next year also in East Asia,countries that are already affected by rain fall on moson time like India are expected to be even more so in the forthcoming year.

Which means more famine, the spreading of diseases we would not encounter otherwise,like colera and Difteria and others,the increase of medical relieve in these countries would have to as well increase to higher levels in order to help as many as possible and contain further spread of diseases to surronding border countries,with  global travel we are really looking at a huge problem as the swine flu came to display this summer.

You see humankind as forgoten one simple rule,we have impact on one and other,so more true now we share time and space on the internet.

And what yesterday took years to become a huge problem today in less than a century on the bridge of evolution we may face extention itself.

There is one question I keep repeting to myself.

"Where is the sign of inteligence in all our actions so far ? For only a stupid race will walk blindly into its death without changing the course of ones path,when in error." But that is me.

I may actually be wrong on this one,funny enough I hear no laughter around me.

The End

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