My life


This constant discontent that the people who surronde me have about the way  I choose to live my life is making me see all that I do in a very new light.

For instant.

My financial situation,I pay for my children maintenance from what they eat to what they dress ,to where they go to school to their medical insurance,to their outside schools activities and all in between,from all that they need and all they can fisically require and i also pay for their father,you see i sustain myself and my ex-partner(also the father of my children),and what thus he do?,you may ask.

Simple,he takes care of our two autistic  sons,full time that is what he does and i work to pay for it all.

Most will think ,if you can and if you are willing to do it,fair enough,others will think it is slightly unfair where money is concern,but all in as long as the welfare of our sons is being looked after there is no major issue.

Some will also say that the fact I took on the existing bills left behind in his name is also something i needn`t have to,but they forget something.

This is about who I am,not who he is or was in my life,this is about who i am in face of all that was left behind and me teaching something to my sons,about responsability and who their parents are.

In fact this is about  me.

I want to do it and i am happy to do it.

I could say so much more but I shall not,let me say only this much.

I respect the father of my sons,but would i trust in with a huge amount of money ?

Most likely not !!!  :)

I respect him,i didn`t say i was stupid  !!!!!

The End

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