The future of internal and external social and politicals affairs according to what I see.

Which words to I choose to describe this feeling I get when reading or watching the news ?

Fear .

Yes,that may be the most accurate word I can come up to to describe this gut feeling we are walking into to a path of self destruction.There is to much unrest in the civilized world,at home and away.

Politics and peace talks seem to acccomplish so little in what takes years to implement in the areas of what are now hot places of conflict or are about to become in the future years,to much unbalance in th edistribution of wealth also plays its part.

There is obviously an element of culture and religion attached to these problems and a natural language barrier,but all in all if we wanted to achieve something that ressembled peace,we could.

If we only where willing to compromise in some subjects.

Saddly,it isn`t meant to be.

Here is a few names you may have heard or read about in the past months.






Serra Leoa


And so many others...

Humans who are unwilling to reach a form of agreement in order to its countrymen to live in  peace and start prospering.

Humans who preffer to pray and kill their own and submit what ever is left of their soil to even more destruction so others can use it.

In the end we all loose,for the help we provide to these countries in terms of financial help or in the fact we send our army in to try and establish a more reliable government,or by sending in the red cross or any sort of aid,is starting to be a drain on financies all over the world.

The question here is ,where to now ?

And can we afford to keep doing this in the forthcoming years,or even worst do we want to ?

I leave this question in the air and I am fully aware that is up to us and our sons who will have to come up with a better solution,for clearly our actions so far have achieve very little or in some cases nothing.

Do I sound too cinical ?

I sincerely hope not.

For I still have hope for us as a race,I keep believing we can do better.

I always will.

The End

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