Lack of sleep :(

Feeling brave ?

Not really.Too much going on in the world to fell anything short of tireness and maybe disapointment that the human race seems to be regressing and not fullfiling their natural gits in life.

Why so much conflict in the world ?

Why this constant distress amongst nations or even internally ?

Why are we so much at war ?

I have an idea of why,but no real prospect of resolving any of the issues at hand,mainly because it involves people to be willing to communicate with one and other,and just basicaly listen to reason.

When too much emotions filter trought the process of reasonning there is no common ground for peace talks.

So,this world continues to be one of war and famine and natural disasters and ignorance,where the sick and the least favorite have less and less and die a more painful death.

Welcome to the 21 century,Darwin would be so proud of his theory,I think !!!

On another more optimistic note,there is the fact that a baby survived being runned over by a train in Australia.

Now that was something mighty !!!!

The End

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