Ecos in the night

A dream never  felt less true.To acctually be able to touch the colour pink,it is uncanny,correct ?

No,not really in the realm of dreams all is possible and the sky is the limite and considering there is no end to the sky since the universe is still expanding you can see where I go with this,can`t you ?

Where would I stop ?

I mean where do we draw a line between a dream and what you can accomplish.

Where do I stand ?

Elections  next year seem to me where I draw th eline,because all it is well and good as long as common sense rules,remove that and what occupies its place is anarchy.

Also why in a democratic worl,such a little numbers of civilians actually exercize their voting right ?

Too many question,not enough or good answers.

The museum of natural history in London,is a place of some confort,see the images on the net and you will find why.




The End

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