Tilt your head this way,please ?

There is silence in my soul where there was purpose before,a few days in and you can already see the ripples of yet another change.

This perpetum movement that is me and absence of routes take me nowhere to be found and nowhere to be grounded.

There is no music in my singing anymore only this void of care,almost as if I am trully wanting to shout out loud.

"Pay attention to what I am saying."

But there is no one there.Which in itself is quite unsual,because I am normally surronded by several.None too important .

I can see myself letting go of small issues and even the greater ones.

But my reading skills they remain unaltered,because lets face it,T.V these days.Utterely rubish,apart from the news and any nature programs.

At least that is what I think,Sky news is on the background as I type in and there is an hipnotic style to the dialogue I am hearing that keeps in sequence with the keyboard,even my heart beat has decrease to keep up with both!

I am seeking something,but exackly what I wonder ?

The question remains unanswered...

The End

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