In the beginning it had no meaning whatsoever this coming here and posting a story or stating a way of mind,now it means something.

It means so much more than what you can understand sometimes,it means to break free from the normal norm of my daily life and from a website connect to my reasonning thoughts,or just for fun to creat confusion in the same

Whatever my mood strikes me in the making of setences.

But desregarding the why,the how sometimes prevents me from being here,life with alls it bills to pay and children to raise takes it tools and my free tiem it is very limited,as well as doing some voluntary work with a youth group(just started that yesterday-such fun!!!),and helping out my friends,it leaves me with very little time to post here and to be trully frank,I am out of motivation to write.

There is the ugly truth about this quite unusual absence from me here.

I am either tooo busy or too exausted and when I log in,I find I have nothing to say.

Sad and quite true,ther is a storm bruing out here in Great Britain where politics are concern this new ellections coming in 2010 will shape the country for the next 4 years and if the Conservative party sits in we are in from stormy days indeed.

Well I think that is all for now,it is actually a good feeling to be writting again.Cheers

The End

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