Law abiding citizens

Two young men will remain in jail for the rest of their life for the attempt of murder of another two young men.

If you feel that you need to know more about the story read the major newspapers for Great Britain of today,the story is in all of them ,front page.

The ugly truth of what happens when your family fails you,the state puts you in care and trought the cracks in the system a human being is lost and instead a criminal is generated !

So,many to blaim for what has happen so far and for what will come after they get setence,but in all I have read so far it is the brutallity of the attack on this young men that trully makes me sick.

How can a child(for no mather what has happen they are in age at least still children),hate so much ?

How did we fail to notice they need it help ?

I am honeslty in shock of what they where able to do,and the fact that while in presence of the court they smirked while the accusations against them where being heard,no respect for their victims or any remorse for their actions.

Only laughter...

What kind of human being is that ?

The End

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