This gentleman I know called Leo,who is currently 86 is one amazing human being.

Not only for the life he has lived but for the capacity in him to still be open to new experiences in life !His jest for the life we lead in our days is quite admiring.

He reminds me that in life there is time for everything and the way he talks about events that i can only read about or see in a history channels is quite something.

He was in the navy in 1942/46, depployed to Alexandria,Italy,France.He talks about going in and taking troops in to fight in the war when i wasn`t even in the thought of God !

He talks about getting to know his parents and how he first came to speak to his future wife that saddly is no longer with us.And how he raised his family in a post war time.And of politics of today and the early eighties.

He is an amazing human being and so nice.

He has two good friends a few years younger than him,Iris and Gordon.

They keep him alive  in life,the rest it is down to all the people he speaks to in the library where he comes in daily from monday to friday in order to as he sees it "Keep in touch with the younger generation.",he is a sweatheart !

And I happen to realise something else has I talk to Leo.

How come Leo is the only man I can really talk too ?

I can talk about family,social care,politics ,books I am reading,food and places I frequent,but men my age I can`t  relate to.Why is that ?

What does Leo have they don`t ?

And the answer is. Time

And something else,experince of life.A human being worth of knowing takes years to form and educate.

That is why.

So,this chapter is for Leo.

For all he has provided in my life.

Thank you my dear friend,you are such a blessing.

The End

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