I have forgoten one thing.

I am who ?

I am the person who still loves only you but because even I am human,I scratch the hitch when the need is present.

My heart is my own,my reasons not to be beside you are mine and ultimely yours.But as I write this I see every single corner in me that I have become in the last ten years since we grew apart.

I have become a mother.

First  I am a mother.

And as you well know it,it is everything.

Their are not our sons,they  are mine and somebody else`s.But,as I said prior to you even began to reading  this.

First I am a mother,so with great sacrifice comes great joy.

Mica and Lucas are such joy.


Was it worth it ?For you ,I mean ?

Are you happier now ?

I hear of what you have become.Of all the sucess in your profession and I also hear of the bedmates,I also hear you stear clear of Brunettes these days ?

Am I a hard person to replace ? I like to think I am.I preffer to think that you shall never forget.

And I am told of the picture you keep,and then I know.

All that I need to know.Of me,of you.

Of us.

One day.One day.

Your bed shall have a Brunette head laying next to your pillow and the first imprint in your eyes when they open shall be that picture but in real life.And yet again I shall see the smile I remenber well,the one it is mine alone.

One day.

I am me.

Alone but happy.

Alone but not lost.

I have become all that we talked about  and in the process I kept you with me in thought and in my heart,so it is to you I write this words.

I am everything and still I fell that there is another chapter that only you can write.

So,here it is.

This page I shall call "You",because lets face it when we said goodbye what did we really said was until we meet again...

The End

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