Routes to follow ?

Anger is something I feel well.

I encounter this foul emotion wherever I go.

It gives no rest to my piece of mind or allow me to breath without thinking "What now ?".

Anger has kept me centered in life when all I wanted was to let go!

And now it unreveals another chapetr in my life story.It is here and now I fully understand this lonely person who is responsable for three other human beings.It is now I see what I have trully become,or in better terms,who I have become.

I am my father`s daughter,and with that comes only one thingI ,responsability.

My shoulders are not long enough to carry such burden,but the weight can`t keep me down,one smile or thought of my sons have kept me in motion and has I take this new path in the process of my life I see before me the route he must have taken in the past and I shiver at the true wonder that love makes in ones life!

"Dad ? Have I told you lately how proud I am of you ? Of being born under your name ? No ?? Well that is a lapse I can correct. I am,very."

My sons,to you I say.

"This too shall come to pass,what does not break you makes you stronger.You,Mica and you,Lucas are above all things my sons.So,it is with the knowledge of this fact  that I am able to function in life.Be well beloveds,mama loves you both so very much."

I am here,I am going nowhere.

The End

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