Vampire Bites

Vampire bites ?

What sort of mania has invaded all this young girls minds ?

The lust of a well kept body of an actor who seldom occupation  is to entertain others in exchange for money ?

What kind of women are we groaming for tomorrow,that think that following in love with an undead creature is the path to find true love ?

I know about lust that makes your heart race and you blood curl in anger,so powerful that you see nothing until a kiss is handed to you as a meagre apology for not being loved in return.

Yes,I know of such lust.

And yet I know of love more.

Of a love so great so fast that even ditance and silence can`t rendered dead.

I know of such sacrifice!

For loving someone implies caring for someone elses need prior to your own,even if you feel like dying in the process.

Love is more durable,more rewording,it is also a path we choose at one point in our lives either to follow or just avoid it all together.

So ,coming back to our Vampire bites,let me tell you only this.

I bite in bed and out of it.

I make sure to leave an imprint of who I am in my partner.

So,my lust for blood is not in blood as it is in life!

But then again,I know for a fact that some of you will not understand the message behind the words,while others will simply say.

"Oh,Carla.You have lost so much already.I whish you could allow yourself to be loved and love again!"

Vampire bites!

Honestly,maybe I am one ???


The End

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