Here is to caos.

An uninixestent cup of an unidentified beverage is not raised in silent greating to this theme.


Honestly, I have seen better days.

My eldest son is in hospital with swine flue.Due to the current system of health care in the country he resides there is not a drug given as a counter mesure but instead he is like any other child admited for antibiotics and fluids and a careful "Control damage",at least that is how I look at it!

Of all the things that child as gone throught in his 8 years this one is just another bump in the road where he is concerned,he couldn`t care less that for us the first 48 hours where pure hell until the "He is on the mend",came through or that his brother refuses to go to sleep in their room if Mica isn`t there!

No! He couldn`t care less!

He loves the attention he gets from the nurses and all the female doctors and all the praise from being a champ! Right!!!

We are talking my Micael here,he isn`t well behave but I have to say he does love women,so maybe and I may be going a very broad maybe,but would it be putting it mildly to say that Mica would be happy that this attention was coming in the form of women ???

All young women in their early twenties ???

Come on ,my son is only eight and he already has as many women looking at him as his father ??!!

My heart will most likely get used to this,by now I should know better,he has been having this much attention since he was born.

"So,beautiful" They would say.

Honestly,I fear his teens and later on....

By the way,if you must know his baby brother Lucas has been gathering Mica`s left overs (has I call it),all this time,so maybe I should be really concerned about Lucas ??!!

I don`t know but I can tell It shall make my late years in life quite active.(She says scarstically!!)...

The End

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