News and of others stories

One day I shall open a news paper or log in on net and read some good  news in the world!!!


But for the remanding time I shall simply skim throught the ones that are less relevant for me and try and not be too discouraged by all the garbage that gets printed out.

Elections in Afghanistan.

Maybe the less damaging news I have read in a long time.

It always surprises me the capacity that manking has to creat weapons capable of causing so much damage to bodies.

And the willingness that goes with the killing.

It is true when in combat you protect  youself and the ones in your company,anyone else is presume an enemy!

Rightfully so,because no-one goes to an area of conflict thinking "I hope I shall not kill anyone!",that would be too naive to even consider.

But I have to think more broadly and reason myself about who we are fighting here and who are they using as human shields.

And in the process I see only one undeniable truth.

When  trying to reason with people who are uncapable of trying to find common ground to see a way out without the lost of human lives,you are better off killing them all!

Trust me on this one,people who can`t talk themselfs out of an argument and are quickly capable of reaching to arms to win their point of view are people you can`t reason to.

The most dificult part of being a officer of peace is the ability to make the perpetrator to see reason of his/hers actions.

Accountability for ones actions means ultimely to be responsable maybe for something that may or not be very shameful,so be very careful of what you do and think wisely before caring any actions that you will have to answer for,even if the same are in the defence of ones country or in the name of an army.

You are still accountable for your own actions.

Besides one has free will!

I barely read any uplifting stories these days,unless it is here and sometimes not even here.

Do we like to dwell in the fall of makind actions ?

Is that why there are so many violent stories writen here ?

Where is all the good feeling ones ?

The ones full of moral and any good teachings to our young ones ?

Where are thoses ?

What have we become ?

Who are we ?

I need to do more research...


The End

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