A diferent kind of night out!

Violence seems to be the norm here in Britain when the person who can control the amount of licor ingested sees to create  moments worth of embarrassement  for himself and others!

The fact that he had on his left hand a very gashy wound(from his last brawl-no doubt),and was still hanging on to a case of Stela Artois says quite a lot!

To try and reason with a person who is drunk is the folly  of uneducated people.

For a drunk listen to no reason,hence me calling the police and getting them arrest for being drunk and disorderly!

Case close,or so you would think!

But and here is the but,the people who intervened  in the action that lead to this two drunken men being arrested where still glowing in the aftermath of the violence they had just escaped from!

Seriously,how dum can you be ?

If from the first action or word spoken to this black couple that where in line for the bus had ignored this two men in the first place it would have been better,then again two drunken men will find a way to engage anyone  into a discussion that will ultimely lead to violence,they trive on it!

Secondly the woman who so boldly came to their rescue when all the rest of surronding bystanders  stepped back and looked where all this arguing and pushing was leading,did nothing.

She on the other hand insulted them and in the end was fisically violent to them when touched by one...

Again,what nonsense!

To think you can make a drunk person see reason is foolish. 

In the end a phone call to the police put and end to all this.

But the thing to get from this is that three people chose to take action against to drunken men.

The man from the black couple,a very angry english woman,and myself.

So,from what I can see in the face of danger some of us choose sides.I preffer to side with the ones that are being attacked and defend them.

 Hence calling someone who is being paid to get involved with this isues,bless the police for their job sucks,Big Time!!!

The End

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