Day out

On a day out I try and leave a free schedule.

Where I can roam the city to my hearts content and go into small places I would not dicover had I plan them in advance.

The fact that I still find joy in small discoveries reminds me I am still alive!

I find very little joy in the world that surronds me some times,so it is with some care I try and renue my believe in something grater than everyday life...

There are at least three museums in Manchester taht are a blessing to me.

The Art Galery

The Museum of Art and Science

The Museum Of Transport

An of course I have to pay it dues to every library I go into.

The smell of books are to me I think as to a personal perfume is to a supermodel,it represents your own signature in the world.Books define a very big part of who I am.

They brought me shelter when I most need it,they made me rest and brought me a kind word when I most need it.

I am right when I say that books define a very big part of me!

The rest that makes me me,goes throught the people who I learned to love.

My sons,Sharon and a few friends...

But this people are not fisically present in my live so the books are yet again my entire family.They represent this part of me that has not forgot to hope for a better tomorrow.

This little girl that hopes that over the hill on the other side of her life there is something better,less painful!

To her I pay tribute today,and i write this "Day out",to show her that yes,she was yet again right.She did find a place in live where pain no longers is and she is happy as she wants to be.

In this country she can be unheard of,unseen,untouched if that is her wish.

Here she is her own ruller.

Here she sleeps throught the night without being awake...

To her I say,you have arrived to the other side of the hill,enjoy all that live as to give you.

If you so choose.

The End

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