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So many more I can think of and yet I stop writting anymore for I have a tendency to now explain my choice of words.

I have stop writting here for a few days,not for lack of what to say my dears sons but because mummy was busy taking care of your future.

I am investing in a company.There,I commit myself to something bigger than me,Us.

And I feel at peace!

Classic Music

My favourite type of music is always classic.I rest my soul in the sounds that I hear!

I rest my broken spirit in the fast pace that someone thought once upon a time!

Here I sleep better,here I am trully happy.Here I smile!

In my current days,I have the responsabilitie of taking care of business since my boss was sick and is currently on holidays for the next three weeks,I pick my shifts and who I work with.I am basickly running the place and yet ,I feel restless.

Because I can do this with my eyes closed.

I need to start my course!

That will ocuppy me better and hopefully it will bring more people to my life I can relate to ,apart from the few friends I have currently.

I am happy,and at the same time I have accomplished so much in so little time,I see in wonder why do we get so scare of change ?

Why ?

Human nature...

I am here trying to decide what to do next and I feel this void where you used to stand.I miss you above everyone else.

Where are you today?

Tomorrow,and everyday after that ?

Israel ?

Where are you ?

The End

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