Keeping peace among our fellow authors...

Well, accountabillity for your actions will always follow you by means  non other than you have writen the words that will in time pu you on the  path to have you account  cancelled and this  account  can bring so much joy!

So,my advice here for those who for no reason known to us choose to write comments that are non connstructive and quite personal,and are viewd by all.

Is :

Be wise.

Do not spoil one of the greatest gift given for free by the master himself,Mr.Nick B ,our boss.

It is a mighty gift indeed but it is left to be best enjoyed by those who are responsable for their  own actions and if you live by the sword,Sir you shall die by it.

That is as  certain as the air that I intake in my lungs,as I am writting these words.

You do not attack a fellow author,you may have differences of opinion but you deal with in a proper manner of talking about what the problem is in the first place,anything  else,personal or otherwise is best left out as you log in, here in this safe haven from the common world.

So,that is my advice to you all and one in particular,be wise and apologise,to who you have offended.

It is for your own good.

All the best,



The End

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