In life

I love coming here and put thoughts to paper! I really do.I t makes my day a little brighter.In fact it is at the time being my lifeline,my silver lining!

In a world that surronds me by sheer effect of madness or shelfisness,this is where I rest my bones.

Where my head rest and I find confort!

How bizarre that from the mind of one man this became my shelter...

Anyway,my mind goes diferent paterns these days.

I find myself reading more and more about how the Blue Planet is coping with the inter-action with mankind.

Trully more terrafying than reading a Stephen King book!

And I also try to sleep a little bit more,not there yet.

But I see myself paying attention to the sound of the wind in the streets at night or how the moon reflects the sun light on our planet when the clouds allow us to see such wonder.

I see the flight of the crows in the park on my estate,and how the dogs play on the grass.

I hear the laughter of the children in the playground in the same park!

And I see life,existing,growing,being...

I see us.


And I despair a little less.

For us to have  prefailed  in great peril in the past reflects we have a great sense of awareness,so it really is up to us to defeat our great challenge,ourselfs and  treat with respect this big Blue we call home.

I watched on the channel Yesterday the program about whales and I listen to myself humming at the same frequence with them!

My favourite animal on Earth,Humbpack Whales.

No doubt,no other choice after that close call between wolfes and horses.

I happen to love animals.

Dogs above all,but I have little time to take good care of one.

One day I shall choose another one,one day...

For now I try to sleep a little bit more every day,not there yet!

The End

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