At War

I  spend part of my night with a few good films.

I spend my time awake with the knowledge that the plots for what I saw came from someones imagination.

The one that cause a serious impact was "The Watchmen".

Their mission on Earth was to look after human life.

Just see the film.

But it left one thought in my mind.


And like any other thought it linger in the back of my conscient thoughts and it would not be bulged with any happy thoughts.

And today I read what Edgar left on my profile.And I see that some times timing can be everything.

Even for war.

In order to defend life,any kind of life we kill.

Irony at its best.

I will not share my ideas of what I think about war,they are more for me than anything else.

Let me just say this much,if and when I am in a situation where I am require to fight for my sons life,I will kill without question,but to defend myself ?

Never,not once.

I do not think my life is far more important than the one I would be taking,so that is my point on that!

It may not be yours but in whatever part it rests your soul ask yourselfs this much :

"What am I fighthing for ?"

And if it is something that you can live with,by all means maime,kill annihilate.With my blessing.

After all didn`t God himself gave us  free will ?

He knew what we were capable off,so it doesn`t really matter in the end thus it ?

In the end we will all be accountable for our actions.

In the end we will all pay the price of the lives we have killed,one way or another.

Nothing comes without a price attached to it,that is an undeniable truth.

So,go about your daily lifes and try and smile,and give thanks for the fact we live in a country that is not at war.

God bless you all !

The End

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