Losing faith

I am always remenbered why I am here.

In pictures of what we accomplish by just believing in something greather than ourselfs.

If you are like me,read this and find out when I loose faith this is where I go.

Humans beings have this amazing power to make me cry and sometimes I cry quite a lot.

I am giving you a web site adress,see for yourselfs.


I know that we are having a very deadly impact on our natural resources around the globe,anyone who believes otherwise;are delluding themselfs,but this magazine,which was the best present i ever received in my entire life (preciding the birth of Mica and Lucas-their are the best presents I ever got from God),this is a magazine that speaks of what we can do when we really care and try our best.

It is a story tell in pictures,video and words of the human passage on Earth.

I say I cry,but it is a good cry,because it remainds me why I haven`t give up on Humans yet.

Not when so much good is still being done.

Just see for yourselfs,don`t take anything for granted.

There is this article about "Arabs Christians".

Or the one with the pictures from a soldier that served in Pakistan.

Life,in the middle of conflict served afterwards by a trip to England where you get lost in this park,preserved by a trust fund.

I hear as inspiration or because I really love it,the soundtrack of any film done in China.

Mainly "Hero",or "The house of the flying daggers"...

Beauty and Honour

And I remenber why I still believe in us.

In human kind.

So I can say safelly now,that i haven`t lost my faith just yet.

Thank you all for that.


                 Carla Freitas

The End

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