Changes in society

This absente minded fool I care to name unawareness,is still very much present in my bedroom and continues to prevent my most needed  it rest!

I need to sleep for today for the first time I snapped at Faye,and that is not me,but thank God,that woman payed little attention to my lack of sleep and simply made me do what I need to do  and then I am send off to the land of Nod.

Well,I will certainly try!

Mainly I am sleeping less because of nightmares...


Very soon I shall have to decide what to do about that for the time being non- sleep seems to be the norm and not the exception.

On the other hand I saw this program on yesterday channel about "The final solution",thought by the Germans for the Jews in the year of 1942.

Quite interesting and an eye opener where Humanity its shown at its best and worst.

You know what I have started to realise every day more and more ?

We continue to hunt,not for food or clothes but we simply pray on one animal these days.

We pray on each other.

For several reasons,the instintic of hunt has not disappeared with the fact it was no longer need it for survival of the species,it simply modified itself and now it indulges other parts of our mundane life.

Quite frightening to realise we hunt these days on the weak,poor and basicaly anyone out there,most of us are still capable of acting in a human way and not proul on the weak ,but soon the declination of society will change all that.

Soon it shall be yet again the survival of the most adapt and fittest.

Soon,life as we know it shall cease to exist.

It has already started.

The End

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