Absense of common sense...

I once was told that I worry too much about what is about to happen to us as a society!

That I think too much,hence my unability to sleep or just let go and accept there are things I have no control over and will be will be.

If by actions that we portrait in order to sustain a growing economy(althought surely you think I mean-recession),no I meant economy that actually is still grwoing a very slow pace these days but still causing so much damage to its planet and inhabitants.

We are unwilling to learn from past mistakes.

That is the ultimate learning I take from what I see surronding me either by news papers refiews or media broadcast or even history books.

We are uncapable of learning from past mistakes and go about correcting them if it goes against their means of income.

One day it may be this very reason that will bring about our own annihilation!

Or maybe like I was told I worry too much!

In either case I need to start sleeping...

The End

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