Random thoughts

Day off

So there is no time table for anything really.No displayed time to wake up before the alarm set blasts and  makes  you jump from a warm bed,no struggle to eat a beakfast that quite frankly you are not hungry for.

Your steps may take you at a slower step in the direction off your transport but in all,there is this feeling that you should be doing something more usefull with your time.

You know what I mean ?

The saying that "time is money" isn`t highly exaggerated after all !

And as much as I try and slow down on my day off  I see myself accomplishing more in less hours and I sit here now with this sad thought in my head.

Do we not now when to turn off and just relax,do nothing ?

Are we overachiever`s ?

To each its own interpretation if yes or not.

I simply now this much above myself I rarely like to sit down and do nothing,and when I do it last very little time.

So my answer is a definite YES.

I guess something to work out in the near by future is to stop long enough to smell the roses so to speak...

I also bought this book by Johnny Gray "Men are from mars women are from Venus",since I have already read it,I must like to make it part of my collection of books.Well it will be shelved next to Garfield,heh...

Life is so funny sometimes...

How unexpected people are bought into your live by sheer accident of random events and become such a blessing and you reason how your life would be less without their presence in it.

How trully amazing it is just to exist,in a world that is in constant change.Of how fragile life is and how important it is to live it to its full potential and without regrets.To appreciate simple moments and to keep them safe in a special place in your heart,to love someone of worth.To simply giggle when you need it the most.

To breath with the certinaty that there is at least one person out there in this fast world that trully knows you .

And the sheer wonder that comes with the fact that you are loved by who you are alone.

Simple,simple things that still make me less worried about where we are going from here as a race,as human kind.

The End

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