Hear! Hear!


I was today in church for what its to me a good start of the week and I have to say that after a week that I rather have forgoten since it was caotic to say the least I have started this new one on a high note.


I have faced this week alone when i didn`t have to.

And to be honest am I not doing something very wrong ?Don`t I know better ?

I do know better,if life has paid it dues to me and teach me anything is that I am better off when alone and quite frankly that is the worst lesson to teach anyone.

So hear this .Hear it now and try and remenber when you are in peril of any sort.

Talk about your problems with a person who knows you well,for a problem shared is a problem that no longer has the same weight in your shoulders,it may not present a solution to what avails you but it will be a point to start from.And most important of all,you are no longer alone with whatever hails you.

The message was important and so was the lunch that followed but most of all was to know that Maggie who was there had missed me,and was willing to talk to me and share a few burdens that was concerning her,she wanted to talk to me specifically and that says it all.

By the way, she found a job for the summer,which trust me being a law student in summer holidays in a time of recession it is very good to her that she did  found a job,even if only part-time.

So ,bless her and be well little one I wish you all the best in the near future and maybe one day I shall; call you yet again my own sister,sister of my heart.


But what I also wanted to share was this book I took home from my local library ,which still makes me laugh while reading it .

Title is (big drum effect-just pretent,ok?),"Creative Writting for Dummies".

See ?

The title itself is a gag real ,isn`t it not ?

Not that I am saying there is a crew of people in my house filming me while I read this book waiting foe to do something funny while filming ,but the writing and advice in it althought very good and actually helpfull,is still capable of generating a few laughs when introduced to the same.

Maybe it is because there is the word "Dummies ",present!!!

Anyway,I find myself getting caught up in drawing a new manga face for me and I have to say this one is quite cute.

I happen to love the glasses!!!


The End

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