Lego pieces

In a box or in a bucket,you may find something worth of a few hours in a drainning afternoon when the sun is out for the count,or if you have this time willingness to built stuff you don`t wait for a non rainy day and with just the wright amount of effort and imagination dreams are built!

Well I think I always loved the coloured pieces.I did and the fact you can built and re-built which provides room for improvement is one of the most apealing features.

There are no great things about them apart from the fact the within you comes this force to creat a house, a building, a city,anything  or just to connect them in a row. 

Lego pieces have been part of my childhood and now they are yet again.I bought them for my sons.

It develops you creative side if you are willing to let it happen,it may never amount to the best you can create but still if it makes you smile isn`t worth it ??

Lego pieces that are more than just a toy.

They are part of the past,part of the present.

The End

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