Smiling :)

"The stories we tell will make you smile!!",the setence obviously is not mine own but from a song by Phil Collins on the soundtrack for "Brother Bear"....And it got me thinking about people who provide the same effect on me.

For various reasons.

One has to be my mother:  Sharon Flood.

I guess the other would be my remaining three friends by no reason of importance:Dayla,Beatrice and my boss Faye Meridith.The last one is without the doubt the female I spend the most of my time with, in and out of work.

A friendship that came out of my cirscumstances of being out of one job and in search of another.What a blessing, for this woman is quite a friend and quite the human being.

She voted for the first time since registering!! I must have tired her ears off !But she is much more than that she understands my jokes for what they are and sometimes she just calls me "Rude...Very rude.",as you can see in this past three months she grew to know me quite well!...Lol.

But what makes me smile the most are not the people i grew to know that are not my sons,they always make me smile even when it is for sadness(when they are hurt,or sad),it is not a person it is in fact a program.

Or to be more specific the news.

Well to me it makes me smile,sometimes even giggle.Seriously,but most time I simply see myself saying"Oh,no!",but thankfully that is not as often or a norm.

So what makes me smile on their account humans and news alike ?

Well it all comes back to this,interaction with me.

A connection with a thought,a shared laughter.An instant smile.

We humans show everything that we feel in our faces.We really do,there is even as expression for that it goes I think like this " Wear you heart in your sleeve",or maybe I am thinking something diferent :)

The End

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