Death and its impact on those who are left behind

Death has been on my mind not because I was thinking about my own but because of all the people in the vast media that have past away this last month and the begining of the month of July.

There are few certain things in life but the undeniable truth is: if we were once born one day we shall also die.

Not a happy thought but real none the less,it is the space bettween the two events that we reason as life,that really counts for most of us.

For the rest of us it tends to be a passage that may or not be a happy one.

I am pretty sure that most of you will think of the King of Pop music first,for it is true he perish on the 25 of June,but I wasn`t  really thinking of him.No I was thinking of this student that got posted in the news and the internet  after her death in Iran,which I wouldn`t know she had lived if it wasn`t for all the unease existendent in the Middle East right now,on account of the recent ellections.

This woman who had lived her live in a normal live and done pretty much all the things we relate to woman her age(regarding the fact she lives in Iran-that is),and because she decided to be present in that street on that day of the demonstration she was erased from human existance by a bullet no one comes forward and admits shooting!

I think of her life interrupted in the path of graduation in medicine school,of a future that was shapped to be something good for her fellow iranians,I think of the loss her family is suffering.

And then I remenber that every single one of us by sheer existhing have the same impact that her and the King of Pop music.

We all in our lifes have people who loves us and will remenber us,that is how we measure our impact in life by those who stay behind and remember us.

R.I.P for all those who have past away in the recents days and in the past months ,years or even decades, you are missed.

You were loved.

The End

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