Reducing my Carbon imprint to Zero

I spend my morning with  the film  " An inconvenient Truth " by Al Gore.

And I remenber not long ago I got ask by one that now is a moderator to see if I wanted to add to his story that celebrated Earths Day,I am sorry to say that unless I go searching for that particular post I can`t tell you what was the date for that day.

I am ashamed to say that is the sad truth but on the other hand I remenber the exact date when I wrote this paper for my class in portuguese about what is important to you and I choose to write about the conference held in Brazil in 92.I intitled the piece"Autosuicide",because for me the convenience of chosing to keep your eyes closed to our actions and the impact it has in our planet, is a choice.

But now that 17 years have past I remenber the looks my piece had and above all I remenber saying something to them.

"Us,in all of us relies the responsability to change,look for a better way,and to exercise the power given to us by vote to choose wisely who represents us in government.It is up to us to change the way we live daily and how we teach our sons and daughters in the future to come.Wake up before it is too late.For some species it is already too late let not mankind face the same destiny!!"

In fact that was part of the essay.

17 years have past since then,i refuse to learn how to drive a car,I don`t need one,I recycle,I re-use ,I reduce the amount of things I use in order to survive in this planet .I teach the same things to my sons.I use light bulbs that are more energy effecient,small changes we all can do and I elect people who speak for the planet and its occupants.Humans,plants and animals alike,we live together,we solve this problem together.I resolved then to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

To this day I still try to improve my carbon imprint on the planet,I think we all need to do the same.

Not for our sake,but fot the next generations and face it people, this is the only life you will ever live make it count for something grater than yourself let it be a statement for our little blue planet.


Give it,a fighting change to heal itself and be the kind planet that allowed live to sustain itself and be birth to human kind ,lets show it how we now can take great care of such precious gift.


Do it now.Wake up.

The End

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